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  8.-9.12. Helsinki Winner and Fi Winner -12

The last show of the year was quite a succes for us! Our "mama dog" Gala (Elegantka At Whesteam's Catonium) won BOB and HeW-12 title at Helsinki Winner show on Saturday. Her daughter Frida (Whesteam's White Esteem) continued the story on Sunday by winning BOS and FiW-12 title. The third one already and she is only 3 years old!

kuvat Petri Örling


  3.-4.11. DK Winner and Nordic Winner
Herning, Denmark

We started this year's last show trip to abroad with Whesteam's White Esteem. There were two shows in Herning - DKW-12 and Nordic W-12. We lost both titles to better ones, but something we got -Frida is now DK CH!

Whesteam's White Esteem - new DK champion! kuva Petri Örling



We went to specialty show completely without a coat. It was really close to stay at home, but in last minutes we decided to go. And luckily we did it. Whesteam's White Esteem won BOS under the judge Saija Juutilainen.

Whesteam's White Esteem. kuva Petri Örling



19.8.2012 BALTIC WINNER 2012
Tallinna, Viro

We started our one-day-trip early in the morning with Jenni and Veikko and young lagotto boy Rossi. From our team we had only Whesteam's White Esteem "Frida" with us.

The whole day was rainy and cold, but the results got the smile on our faces.

Frida won BOS and also the title BaltW-12.

Whesteam's White Esteem new BaltW-12. Photo Petri Örling


  29.7.2012 MIKKELI INT

After a little break we went to visit Mikkeli International Dog Show with Frida (Whesteam's White Esteem). We got Excellent and class winning, but that's it for this time. Thanks Jenni for the great company with Rossi.

Whesteam's White Esteem on the move. Photo Jenni Heikkinen

Whesteam's White Esteem. Photo Jenni Heikkinen



  17.6.2012 HELSINKI INT

After Kotka show and very sunny and hot day there, we spent rainy day at Helsinki International show. Results were still great. Whesteam's White Esteem BOS with cacib!

Whesteam's White Esteem. Kuva Petri Örling


  16.6.2012 KOTKA INT

This was really Int for us, our youngster Whesteam's White Esteem won her last cacib to become international champion! Thank You judge Annukka Paloheimo for your wonderful critics and BOS -title.

New International champion - Whesteam's White Esteem.
Kuva Petri Örling

  3.6. 2012
Estonian Winner 2012

We went to Tallinn at Estonian Winner show 2012. Gala did it well by winning BOB and getting EE CH and EEW-12 - titles.

Whesteam's White Esteem in group ring. Photo Petri Örling


  VAASA INT 14.4.2012

We started our show year 2012 from Vaasa International Dog Show. Our young girl Whesteam's White Esteem won Best Of Breed under the judge Zolt Lokodi. Great start!

Whesteam's White Esteem BOB Kuva: Petri Örling



Our Whesteam -team has been resting beginning of the year 2012. No shows, no competitions - just enjoying the wintertime.

First show of the year will be Vaasa International and after that Lahti Int. After those two shows we will focus to travel Austria WW-12 show. So, see You soon, friends!