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Finnish Winner 2011 show

Frida made it again. Now this young girl in age 2 years is also winner of the year 2011! Nice ending for this show year!

Whesteam's White Esteem FIW-2011 BOS

Jyväskylä Int x 2

We had two international shows in same weekend at Jyväskylä. Saturday went ok and our Frida (Whesteam's White Esteem) got excellent without CQ. But Sunday, under the judge Harri Lehkonen, Fridan won the last CAC needed to became a Finnish Champion!

Whesteam's White Esteem New Finnish champion!


White -litter 2 years old!

Thank You owners for this past two years and all the best for the future with Your white polar bears!

Pyppu dates summer 2010



Winning a photographing competition

Every year the Finnish Owczarek Pohalanskit association organizes a photo competition. This year there were over 50 pictures involved. Our team had 6 pictures out of best ten pictures!! And also we took the three first placements in this competition. Enjoy the photos!

1. place / photographer Petri Örling

2. place / photographer Petri Örling

3. place / photographer Heidi Tuominen


Specialty Show, Heinola

We spent nice day at Heinola specialty show. Polish tatra sheepdog were judged by Pjotr Krohl from Poland. We made the second placements both in males and bitches. Snowy Coats Avalanche were best male 2 and also best veteran of breed. Whesteam's White Esteem picked up best bitch 2 placement.

Snowy Coats Avalanche

Whesteam's White Esteem



Leeuwarden, Netherlands, EUW-11

Beginning of September we started our trip to Holland to participate at EuroDosShow 2011. With us travelled our youngster Whesteam's White Esteem and our veteran Snowycoats Avalanche.

The trip was quick and in 4 days we travelled 3500 kilometres through Sweden, Danmark and Germany. But it was not a waste of time at all. Our Basso became European Veteran Winner 2011 and Frida won res-CACIB allthough was competing still in intermediate class. Not bad at all.

See some pics from our trip below


EuVW-11 Snowy Coats Avalanche. kuva P.Örling

Whesteam's White Esteem. kuva P.Örling

Drushkininkai, Liettua, BALTIC WINNER 2011

We had a great trip to Lithuania, Baltic Winner 2011 show. Allthough the timetable was extremely strict and we drove over 2000 kilometres during the days, we managed to enjoy the weekend a lot.

And the results was not bad either. We had only Whesteam's White Esteem with us and she took it all by winning LT CAC, CACIB, BOB and BALTIC WINNER 2011 -title.



Whesteam's White Esteem and Snowy Coats Avalanche was entried to this international show. It was really hot and sunny day. This warm day was too much to our veteran and he didn't want to show his best. So he got very good.

But our youngster Frida made her day again and won BOB-title, CAC and also CACIB.




Frida is going strong now! She won BOB- title at Tuusula show under the judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen. There were also two trainee judge in the ring.

The little ice-bear was born

Gala gave birth only one puppy after all expectations. This puppy is strong boy and doing just fine!


Our little Frida (Whesteam's White Esteem) made it really great at Estonian Winner Show. She won EEW-11 title when beeing also BOS and winning the EE CAC. Also Tilda (Dubliner Celebration) our red irish setter was in the ring after three years pause. She got nice ECX 4.


It seem's like Gala is really having babies. Puppies are expected to born middle of juni. We just cross our fingers to hope for the best!

Hamina International

Two weeks after Tampere we made same results under the judge Elena Ruskovaara. Snowy Coats Avalanche was BOB-vet and BM2 and Whesteam's White Esteem got very good again.


Tampere International

After a long brake of shows we went to check Tampere International Dogs Show. Snowy Coats Avalanche won BOB-veteran title and was BM -2. Our youngster Whesteam's White Esteem got very good.


Turku International

What a weekend we had in Turku International Dog Show. Snowy Coats Avalanche won Best of Breed - Veteran title and was also best of opposite sex while our junior girl Whesteam's White Esteem won the title best of breed! Nice weekend!


Lahti Group Show

We spent a nice day at Lahti Group Show. Only Frida (Whesteam's White Esteem) was showing and quite a nice job she did! Frida won Best of breed and CAC under the judge Harri Lehkonen.

Kajaani Int

We started the show year 2011 from traditional Kajaani International dog show. The results were not quit a jackpot under the judge Elina Haapaniemi. Both dogs,  our veteran Basso and junior Frida got "very good".

Snowy Coats Avalanche

Snowy Coats Avalanche

Whesteam's White Esteem


  12.12.2010 Winner -10 INT

The last show of the year 2010 was success! We went to the show without any expections and the results were just great!

Our veteran Snowy Coats Avalanche was Best male 4 and BOB-veteran. Then our youngster Whesteam's White Esteem was Best of Breed and won also the titles Junior Winner 2010 and Winner 2010!!

Snowy Coats Avalanche BM4 and BOB-veteran

Whesteam's White Esteem BOB, JW-10 and W-10

Whesteam's White Esteem in group finals