Year 2011

  12.12.2010 Winner -10 INT

The last show of the year 2010 was success! We went to the show without any expections and the results were just great!

Our veteran Snowy Coats Avalanche was Best male 4 and BOB-veteran. Then our youngster Whesteam's White Esteem was Best of Breed and won also the titles Junior Winner 2010 and Winner 2010!!

Snowy Coats Avalanche BM4 and BOB-veteran

Whesteam's White Esteem BOB, JW-10 and W-10

Whesteam's White Esteem in group finals


Whesteam's White-litter 1 year old! Time just flies...


  31.10 Lahti Int.

This time we went to the Lahti int show together with Basso. Basso did it again. Result was BoB-veteran and best male 2.

  28.8. Tervakoski Int.

Our young girl Whesteam's White Esteem made her debut in junior class. It was quit an energic show. She got very good. Snowy Coats Avalanche was shown in veteran class and he got result BOB-vet, best male 2 under the judge Jaana Hartus.

Whesteam's White Esteem

Snowy Coats Avalanche

  15.8. Heinola Specialty Show

We spent one sunny day at our specialty show in Heinola. There were only 10 tatras in the ring under the judge Elena Ruskovaara. Our Whesteam's White Esteem was showing last time in puppyclass and she made it great with BOB-puppy result. Our veteran took BOB-veteran title and was placed 2. best male competition. Great day we had.

  7.-8.8. Whesteam's puppy meeting

We spent weekend with Whesteam's White-litter at Haukkulaakso, Taipalsaari. It was so great to see everyone!


  10.-11.7. Oulu 2 x Int

We had a succesful trip to Oulu International shows. There were two international shows in same weekend and we had Gala and Basso with us. Despite of the very hot and sunny weather both days our team made great results.

Saturday 10.7.
BOB Snowy Coats Avalanche
BOS Elegantka At Whesteam's Catonium
BOB-vet Snowy Coats Avalanche

Sunday 11.7.
BOB Elegantka At Whesteam's Catonium
BOS Snowy Coats Avalanche
BOB-vet Snowy Coats Avalanche

  24.6.2010 World Winner At Herning

We made a great trip to Herning, Denmark to participate World Dog Show 2010. There were 35 podhalanskis under the judge Janusz Opara from Poland. We had with us our girl Elegantka At Whesteam's Catonium and also our veteran Snowy Coats Avalanche. For Gala this was the first show after puppies last winter.

The results wasn't just a jackpot but our dogs did it well! Gala got an excellent and Basso just won WORLD VETERAN WINNER 2010 - TITLE!

New World Veteran Winner 2010 Snowy Coats Avalanche

Elegantka At Whesteam's Catonium at World Winner Show


  23.5. Hamina Int

Our Basso (Snowy Coats Avalanche) was presented in veteran class for the first time in his life. The result was BOB and BOB-veteran under the judge Tamas Jakkel from Hungary.

Snowy Coats Avalanche BOB and BOB-vet at Hamina Int.
Kuva Jenni Heikkinen

  13.5. Puppy Show Loviisa

What a great start our Frida made today debyting in showrings! She was best of breed -puppy at Loviisa puppy show behaving herself very nice! We can be pleased about the critic she got from judge Hilkka Salohalla. Promising puppy!

Whesteam's White Esteem at Loviisa Puppy Show. Kuva Siru Salin.

Waiting for summer shows

After a long break from dog shows we are now repairing to summer and coming dog shows with all of our team.

Our little girl Frida (Whesteam's White Esteem) will take her debyt at Loviisa Puppy Show on 13.5. Also our veteran Basso (Snowy Coats Avalanche) will try his first show in veteran class at Hamina Int. And our lady Gala (Elegantka At Whesteam's Catonium) will be also seen at the showrings in this summer. We are so exciting!

Our biggest show in this summer will be World Winner in Denmark. There will be two dogs in the ring from our team.

Hopefully also the Whesteam's 'White' -litter puppies will be seen at the showrings in this summer. Waiting for that!

"Waiting for the coming dog shows"